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BIOC 6100 Contact: Dr. B. C. W. Wong (e-mail:)
BIOC 32210 Contact: Dr. B. C. W. Wong (e-mail:)

BIOC6100 - Practical Bioinformatics (M.Med.Sc. Semester 1, 2000/2001)
  • Essential concepts on gene structure and sequence, protein structure and function
  • The use of the internet in biology and medicine
  • Access to biological data with internet services
  • Bibliographic search using Entrez and PubMed
  • Practical exercises with internet services
  • Introduction to sequence, gene expression, mutation and transgenic databases
  • Overview of sequence analysis tools
  • The use of computers in DNA sequencing
  • Introduction to, and practical exercises with, GCG software
  • Algorithms and analysis of sequence comparison data
  • Pattern matching with consensus sequences
  • Contigs, sequence alignment and fragment assembly systems
  • Practical exerises with sequence comparison
  • Sequence motifs
  • Database searches for medically relevant genes
  • Conceptual translation of proteins and protein structure prediction
  • Predicting membrane and other functional domains of proteins
  • Displaying and manipulating 3D macromolecular structures
  • Introduction to integrated genomics and cell biology databases

BIOC32210 - Introduction to Bioinformatics (B.Sc. Semester 2, 2000/2001)
Aim: This course will examine existing programs and services available on the World Wide Web for DNA and protein sequence analysis. Students will also learn how to use the sequence analysis GCG package installed locally. The underlying principles of these analysis programs and services will be presented. Students will learn how to retrieve, analyse and compare protein and DNA sequences by using the various methods available, as well as interpreting sequence similarities. A basic introduction to protein modelling will be presented.
  • Internet resources: DNA and protein sequence databases
  • Information searching and retrieval: Entrez and SRS
  • Simple sequence analysis
  • Sequence Alignment: pair-wise alignment, substitution matrices
  • Sequence database searching: FASTA, BLAST, Smith-Waterman, algorithm and parameters
  • Sequence Alignment: multiple sequence alignment
  • Patterns, Motifs and Profile Analysis
  • Advanced sequence analysis: secondary structure prediction, gene identification
  • Protein sequence analysis: display of macro molecules, protein homology modelling, threading
  • Phylogenetic analysis


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